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20 Gripping Facts about South Park

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South Park is a sitcom that has been wooing fans for decades now. The adventures of the little group of unruly school kids have certainly attracted a huge fan following for its irreverence. Here are some gripping facts about South Park that you would do well to know before you play the South Park slots game.

Facts that Reflect in South Park Slots Game

1. Kenny is actually based on a real life character who was the classmate of Trey Parker (one of the show’s creators). Kenny was one of the poorest kids in schools, often wore a long parka and missed school, prompting kids to wonder if he was dead (“They killed Kenny!”)

2. Mr. Mackey is also based on a real life character, who was Trey Parker’s school counsellor Mr. Lackey. This gentleman would often chide Trey into doing his work, ending sentences with an ‘m’kay’.

3. South Park inspired a bunch of scientists to name a gene mutation that affects fruit flies, which kill them in two days, after Kenny’s name.

4. Every episode of South Park has an alien hidden in it and it is seen in South Park slots game.

5. The ‘they’ and ‘you bastards’ exclamations by the South Park characters are made with reference to the show’s creators themselves, especially when they kill off a character.

6. The South Park Movie holds a Guinness World Record for the most profanity in an animated film. There are 399 foul words used in the film, with 144 of them being the F word.

7. The South Park team was presented with flowers by the crew of the Simpsons when they made the episode bashing up Family Guy

8. In the episode that featured Tom Cruise, the show had Cruise trapped in the closet to depict him being portrayed as gay since their lawyers wouldn’t allow them to explicitly call him gay in the show.

9. To avoid any chances of being sued by the Church of Scientology, the episode featuring Tom Cruise had its end credits with fake names like John Smith and Jane Smith etc.

10. Derp is an actual word that the show’s creators made up.

11. Casa Bonita is a real place that exists in Denver.

12. Kyle was originally meant to be killed off as the show’s creators wanted Butters to be a regular character on the show.

13. The show’s crew have always begun working on a new South Park episode 6 days ahead of its release and only missed the deadline once, when the studio had no power.

14. Comedy Central had to air the episode ‘It Hits the Fan’ with the word ‘shit’ in it uncensored, because it was used too many times – the total being 200.

15. The first episode of South Park took three and a half months and $300,000 to make.

16. The game Tiger Woods 99 had to be recalled because it had a whole South Park episode hidden in it.

17. Chef never had a side image drawn for the first 7 years of the show’s existence, until episode 8.

18. There is a college in Maryland that watches and discusses South Park episodes for their deeper meaning.

19. Chocolate Salty Balls is a South Park song that made it to the top of the UK charts.

20. George Clooney was allowed to guest star in a South Park episode but only as a dog’s bark.

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