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Android or iOS – Which Phones are Best for Playing Casino Mobile Games?

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In the ultimate battle between OS’, it is the fan boy that usually wins. Everyone has several merits and demerits to highlight when it comes to the Android versus the iOS, but each has their own fan following of loyal users who will always profess that their OS is the best. So when it comes to casino games, which of these OS’ is best to play casino mobile games on your phone? Let’s figure that out by taking a look at each of these OS when it comes to casino games.

Android or iOS Phones for Playing Mobile Casino Games?

Playing Casino Mobile Games on Android

The great thing about an Android phone is the fact that you can use it to play casino mobile games on any brand of mobile device, as long as it works on an Android OS. That means that you can use it to play games on your favourite mobile device, perhaps even using a brand or model that you know has been optimized for gaming. This makes it a great experience when you play casino mobile games that use a lot of interactive graphics in it so that you can have a pleasant and smooth gaming experience.

The only problem with is that there are a lot of devices out there with varying screen sizes and many mobile casinos are still struggling to keep up with the different sizes out there, so not all games may be optimized for your particular smartphone.

Playing Casino Mobile Games on iOS

The iOS also offers a lot of options when it comes to fans of casino mobile games. The game offers for a smooth game playing experience, but perhaps not as smooth as users of an Android powered phone may be used to.

Since the screen sizes on iOS are pretty constant, you can be assured of casinos that are optimized for playing on an Apple device, but they may not always play as you expect on the latest Apple device immediately following a release. Of course, the great thing about an iOS is the level of security you can enjoy on it. It is resistant to attack from malware and any other viruses lurking out there and your user privacy is assured. Which is not to mean you can’t be defrauded, so always sign up for a casino where you know your money will be safe!

So at the end of the day, our best bet would be to use the OS you are most comfortable with to play your favourite casino mobile games, so that you can always be a winner at least in terms of satisfaction and if you are a newbie, first you should know how to play mobile casino games.

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Android or iOS - Which Phones are Best for Playing Casino Mobile Games?
Mobile industry is huge and so an uncertainty arises which OS to be used to play casino mobile games. Read on to know which is the best – Android or iOS