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Complete Guide of Online Blackjack Betting Systems

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There are various online Blackjack betting systems that can be used to play a great game of Blackjack. If this game is played skilfully, it is one of those games with a very low house edge. Hence, one can turn all the odds in his favour to win big in this game by using the correct betting systems.

Online Blackjack Betting Systems To Win Big at Blackjack

Complete Guide of Online Blackjack Betting
  • Blackjack Martingale System: This is one of the most popular online Blackjack betting systems and also one of the riskiest ones. Here, if you lose, you place a double bet than your previous bet. If you win, you start with your base bet again. Thus, this is a quite simple strategy to remember and to follow. For example, you lost a bet of 10. You now place a bet of 20. If you lose this one too, you place a bet of 40. Suppose you now win this bet. Hence, you win 80. This will cover all your losses. Now, you start again with your base bet of 10.
  • Paroli Progression (Reverse Martingale betting system): This strategy is an exact reverse of the Martingale system. Here, you double all your winning bets and start from the base when you lose. If you win a bet of 10, you go ahead and place a bet of 20. If you win again, you now make a bet of 40. If you lost, you start with the base bet of 10. The advantage of this online Blackjack betting systems over the Martingale system is that you can play with quite a low budget in this one. The traditional Martingale system can prove to be very expensive if you have a streak of bad luck.
  • Labouchere betting strategy: In this online Blackjack betting systems, you write a series of numbers and place a chain of bets according to it. For example, you choose a 1-3-5-7-2-2 chain. The idea here is to keep it between 4 and 8 and not more than a 7 to start with. You add the first and the last number and place the first bet (1+2 = 3 here). If you win this bet, you strike out both the numbers and now place a bet of 3+2 = 5. If you win this one too, you strike it off. If you lose it, you add the number 5 to the end of the chain and place a bet of the first plus the last number again.
  • Blackjack card counting system: Even when there are no rules in the casinos against counting cards but, it is looked down upon and you may be asked to leave if you are observed to do so. The reason is simple. Card counting indeed works in Blackjack and gives you a fair edge to win the game. It might not help you guess the next bet but, it gives you an idea if high-value cards are still left in the game. To use this system, you assign a value of -1 to cards from 2 through 6, a value of 0 to 7 through 9. The cards 10 through ace have a value of +1. Now, if you get a 3 and a 5, you get a score of -2. If you are dealt with a 10 and an ace now, your score becomes zero. The idea in this online Blackjack betting systems is that the more negative score you have, the more are the chances of high-cards in the remaining deck and more are the chances of a win and vice-versa.
  • Blackjack Parlay system: This strategy is quite common among horse-racing bettors. Here, you put a part of your winnings to place your next bet. Therefore, you limit your losses and can play with a small bankroll just like the Paroli system.
  • Oscar Grind System: Here you make money progressively and slowly. For example, you place a bet of one unit equal to 10. You lose it. You keep the bet to one unit until you win. When you win and have regained the entire lost amount, you again go to bet one unit. This online Blackjack betting systems shows results with a little patience and limits losses and doesn’t give you great winnings.
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Complete Guide of Online Blackjack Betting Systems
Martingale and Labouchere are not the only online Blackjack betting systems. Find many other betting systems to win big online Blackjack. Read on for more.