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Difference Between Best of British Slots And Its Deluxe Version

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Best of British Deluxe slots is the spruced up version of its earlier release Best of British slots by Nektan. The slot has the same theme and symbols, it only differs in the additional features in provides as compared to the original slots game. Let us know about each of the version in detail to understand the differences better.

Difference Between Best of British Slots And Its Deluxe Version

Is The Best of British Deluxe Slots Any Better?

Best of British Deluxe slots comes with a new interface to adjust the number of paylines, the number of spins, coin denomination, bet per line. The number of paylines in this deluxe version has been increased to forty instead of fifteen in the original slots game. The maximum stake per line is increased to $5 instead of $1 in the previous version.

Definitely Better Graphics

The background is almost the same with the picture of Union Jack in the center and two royal guards standing on each side of the reels. The majority of the symbols in both the slots games are the same like the red bus, fish n chips, a police helmet, a teapot, the underground tube symbol, a dog etc, but their look has been completely changed. For E.g. The blue teapot is now white in colour; the game’s logo is now different. Earlier the standard playing card symbols were all yellow in colour but now, they are coloured. Both the games have a dog as the wild symbol. There is a new symbol in the form of an umbrella in the new slots game.

Completely Spruced Up Free Spins Round

The free spins round is triggered by the underground symbol in both the games. The first version of the slots game had a free spins round that provided a maximum of 30 free spins. Also, there was no multiplier added to the wins from this round. This feature of the deluxe game is much more exciting. You can now earn a maximum of 180 free spins and along with a 3x multiplier.

The RTP of both the slots games is essentially the same. Best of British Deluxe slots has an RTP of 96.22% and Best of British slots have an RTP of 96.6%.

Thus, it is seen that the Best of British Deluxe slots certainly comes with enhanced graphics and a super-exciting free spins round. The slots game also has better controls for an even smoother gameplay. This British-themed slot game is definitely one level up than the previous slot game. Considering the popularity of the earlier release, this one is surely going to be a head turner.

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Difference Between Best of British Slots And Its Deluxe Version
Deluxe version of slots is buzzing in the slots casino world. Know the difference between the Best of British Deluxe slots & its original version. Read on.