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Enjoy Fairy Day with Pixie Gold Slots

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Ah, fairies! Our childhood companions. Fairies symbolize everything that we want in life, magic and beauty. Once you have them, everything can be achieved. May be that’s why we celebrate Fairy Day, celebrating the good at heart, magical fictional characters. Gambling also has its own share of magical creatures with various games based on fairies, goblins, pixies, leprechauns etc. Our favourite though is the Pixie Gold slots. It looks magical and most importantly is different from other slots.

Pixie Gold Slots Takes You to a Magical Land!

Pixie Gold slots looks just beautiful with its golden and maroon color theme. There is a golden tree and it somehow has a cute, dainty charm to the entire frame. There are two features that really make this one special. First one is the Reelfecta Reel. It’s a special type of reel in which the central reel is broken into four reels. The value of the pay lines is though considered as one reel. To understand it better, your third reel will have 16 symbols instead of 4.

Second specialty of Pixie Gold slots is the humongous 1296 ways of winning instead of fixed pay lines. That’s the highest number of ways to win that you will see around.

The symbols on the reels feature Pixies and they look cute though they verge on sexy. There is also an animated carriage that touches golden K symbol and activates the bonus game. In the bonus game, player gets a free spin and an activated in the reelfecta reel. It sounds simple but it gives big wins. It seems the entire reel explodes.

Fairy Day with Pixie Gold Slots

This slot is designed by Lightning Box and they have made some impressive games in the recent past.

You know when you see those huge reels for a second you feel, what in god’s name is happening here. Things soothe down after couple of spins.

Pixie Gold slot’s interface is simple with all the information available on the screen itself. Monies are not that high either, you can bet from 1 to 20 dollars on each spin. The jackpot is 250x of the bet so if betting high has its own benefit.

So, sit back and have a magical time on this Fairy Day with awesome and highly rewarding game, Pixie Gold slots. Strike gold!

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Enjoy Fairy Day with Pixie Gold Slots
Pixie Gold slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino is perfect to play on Fairy day. This amazing blog will provide you the details on how to strike gold. Read on.