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Jargons Used in Online Casinos

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When you are playing in online casinos for the first time, you’ll see that there are a lot of different jargons that are thrown around, a lot of which might go over your head. To look like a seasoned player who knows their way around a casino, you need to understand these jargons so that you can look like a pro.

List of Terminologies For You to Know in Online Casinos

  • Advantage player: An advantage player can be a player in Blackjack or any other online casino game in which the player has an edge over the casino, especially if they use a bonus as an advantage.
  • Ante: An ante is a wager that you need to make at the start of a round of wagering in certain types of casino games.
  • Banker: A dealer of online casino games is also sometimes known as a banker.
  • Bankroll: Bankroll is the money that a player has to spend on online casinos.
  • Bonus: Bonuses are cash prizes awarded to players if they meet certain criteria set by online casinos.
  • Card shark: This is what you call someone who is at the top of their game when it comes to card games.
  • Cash out: When you are ready to withdraw your money from a casino, it is called cashing out.
  • Cashier: The cashier is the place where you can deposit money as well as cash out money, in online casinos.
  • Casino advantage: This is where the casino has an edge over the player. This is also known as the house edge.
  • Casino rewards: These are rewards offered to players by casinos depending on how much they play at the casino.
  • Cold streak: The cold streak is also a losing streak. It’s when you continue to lose one bet after the other.
  • Croupier: A dealer can also be called a croupier.
  • Dealer: The dealer is the person who hands out the cards at casinos and is also the person who keeps a track of all wagers.
  • Deposit: A deposit is made when you add cash to your casino account.
  • Download casino: A download casino is one that you need to download a computer program of so that you can play at it.
  • High Roller: This is someone who loves to make huge bets on a particular game. They play for high stakes because they find it exciting.
  • Hot streak: This is when a player continuously win on a series of games.
  • House: The casino is called the house.
  • Lobby: The lobby in an online casino is where you can find all of the games that you can play at the casino.
  • Wager requirement: This is a set of criteria you have to meet before you can withdraw a bonus payout on a wager.
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Jargons Used in Online Casinos
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