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King of Slots vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots

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Who said royalty does not come to everyone? When you have games like Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots and King of Slots to play, royalty is just a few clicks away! When you look at these slots, they may look similar to you because of their theme, but in real both of them have something different, unique, and amazing to offer. It is difficult to say which one is better. But we can surely see which one we prefer!

Lots of Gold and Gems in King of Slots and Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots!

King of Slots vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots

King of Slots is the product of NetEnt, so you ought to expect a great gameplay in a classy theme setup. The theme of the slot, as mentioned before, is Royal. A smiling King will welcome you to the 5 reels set up, and a fixed 25 payline platform to play on. The symbols you will see here are your fruity symbols – cherries, lemons, watermelons – but with a touch of royalty, because they are made of precious gems. The high paying symbols are the crowns, similar to the one the King is seen wearing. Other poker symbols also spin on the reels to give you frequent and small wins. The scatter and wild symbols are obviously more precious, hence they are amethysts and sapphires respectively.

The game comes loaded with three features – Wild symbol wins, Free spins from scatter symbols, and the Sticky Win feature. The sticky feature is also triggered by the amethyst symbols, and makes the symbols stick to the reels while the remaining spin. The spins go on until there are no more matching symbols coming up or the reels are full. With as much as 30 free spins to be won, the possibilities to win big are endless here.

Sporting a similar theme is Barcrest’s Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots. Without the Hi Roller feature, this slot game will probably look like a regular slot machine. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines, and it is only the crowns and gems that lighten up the slot. But, when you select the Hi Roller feature, things turn over a new leaf! Before, the stakes will be very low and affordable by all, but in the Hi Roller mode, the stakes will shoot up to a minimum of £20 with 20 paylines, and goes on to a maximum of £50 for a 50 paylines, with denominations of tens. The symbols that hold your fortune are precious stones of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and symbols from the card deck. While the stakes might be high in Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots, it is also worth it for its 96.08% RTP.

Both King of Slots and Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots take you to the world of royalty which you can only dream of. Both of them are pretty simple on gameplay, but their offerings are high if you bet strategically. So, spin on and grab those precious things!

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King of Slots vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots
King of Slots and Crown Gems Hi Roller slots comes from the royal family of slots. Read and know the difference between the two online slots games now.