05 Oct

Play Our New Online Casino Games and Enjoy 50% Match Bonus

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This week, play some new online casino games and while you do so, you get to enjoy a great promotion. Any deposits up to $100 that you make on these games will be eligible to get a 50% bonus amount. So, for $100 of deposit, you get credits worth $150.

Enjoy a New Promotion with Great New Online Casino Games

There are four wonderful new online casino games that are part of this promotion. These are Spin Lotto, Boss the Lotto, Motorhead, and Diamond Deal. From 6th October until 12th October, when you play that day’s game and make a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum of $100, you get a bonus amount that is worth 50% of your deposit amount. This bonus amount is eligible only on the first deposit of the day and will be credited to your account within three working days from the promotion end date. The game schedule is as follows:

6th October Boss the Lotto
7th October Diamond deal
8th October Spin Lotto
9th October Motorhead
10th October Boss the Lotto
11th October Diamond deal
12th October Spin Lotto

Remember you use your bonus amount within 28 days so that it doesn’t lapse. Furthermore, please ensure to meet all the standard wagering requirements to be eligible for the bonus. The details of all such requirements are available on the 50% Match Bonus promotion details page.

Play Our New Online Casino Games and Enjoy 50% Match Bonus

A Great Lottery in Boss the Lotto

This lotto game has been designed such that you will feel as if you are playing on an authentic lotto machine. You will see a total of 49 balls, the most of which are good balls and a total of 6 are bad balls. You may want to avoid the bad balls completely as these would instantly terminate the game and you will lose all your winnings. If you keep on hitting good balls, you keep on winning and keep on collecting payouts. And this all is so worthwhile because the final sum up for grabs is a gigantic 5,000,000 credits Jackpot. But remember, you can only cash out your winnings after having found six good balls.

Find Diamonds in Diamond Deal

The only big deal in the game is finding diamonds. This game presents various squares and hiding beneath these squares are diamonds. Your aim is to find all of these (ten in number) one after the other. If you do so, you win the Jackpot of the game. If you hit an empty box, you lose a life and your payout reduces considerably. If you find a diamond again, your life meter will reset and become full again. If you lose four lives in a row, the game ends. You can cash out the payout anytime after finding one diamond.

Play with your Lucky Numbers in Spin Lotto

This game by Gamevy gives you the option to select five numbers between 1 and 49. These are your lucky numbers and if they appear two or more times on a line, you win. Also, you get the option to select a lucky star out of 1 to 15. This lucky star can then boost your winnings and also turn a match 1 into a win. After these selections, you simply set the bet per line and click on spin and hope for a win.

Thus we see these new online casino games that you can play under this promotion are not the regular games. They break the monotony of the usual slot games that is accompanied in most of the online casino offers. So make full use of this promotion to try your hands on each of these new online casino games and earn great rewards.

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Play Our New Online Casino Games and Enjoy 50% Match Bonus
Play our set of new online casino games on new promotion and enjoy 50% match bonus everyday at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Read this simple blog to know more.