29 Jan

Scratch Cards Games – Tips and Tricks

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Everybody loves a good scratch card game. They are easy to play, fun, relaxing and the best part is that you don’t need to familiarize yourself with any complicated game rules or strategy. All you need to do is place your wager and scratch away. That said, there’s always more that you can do to make sure that you win at these games. Here are some top tips and tricks that you can use to stay ahead in your scratch cards games.

Stay Ahead in Scratch Cards Games

  • Know your symbols: In scratch cards, there are certain symbols that are the guaranteed wins and these will help you strike the jackpot, or will at least get you an attractive reward. Find out what these symbols are so that you know what to look out for when you scratch. You can also go through the casino’s prize list so that you know just how much of a win you can expect and place your wager accordingly.
  • Play according to your bankroll: When you are playing scratch cards, it’s best to aim for the lower hanging fruit rather than a big reward that you are more likely to not be able to win. Instead, keep your bets low and aim to win the smaller prizes that you are likely to get more often than the bigger rewards. That way, you can keep your bankroll in order so that you can scratch even more cards in more games!
  • Try different games out: While you may be tempted to stick to the one game that you know best, it’s a good idea to try out all of the different scratch cards games out there so that you can find one that is most fun or more rewarding. Another good practice is to try out the game for free before you play it with real cash, only so that you can familiarize yourself with how the game is being played and have fun first, and play for serious money later.
  • Save some of your winnings: Whenever you make a scratch card win, you can either choose to use your winning amount to place further bets instead of digging into your pocket, or you can set aside a portion of your winnings so that you can save it for a future game. The main point here is you should try not to eat through your entire budget so that you can keep playing and having fun.
  • Make use of bonus offers: Every good casino will offer you some good promotions if you are a new user of the site, or will have ongoing bonus offers and promotions. Find out what these are and use them to make some money off of your scratch game without having to invest too much. Instead let the free cash that the casino throws at you form part of your wager!
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Scratch Cards Games - Tips and Tricks
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