18 May

TGI Friday Deposit Match!

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You will be truly thankful that it is Friday with our new online casino promotion bonus here at Jackpot Mobile Casino! With our Friday Deposit Match bonus, you get the chance to enjoy cash from us so that you can play and win at even more of our casino games!

What is The Friday Deposit Match Online Casino Promotion Bonus?

After a long and gruelling week, it is only fair that you get treated to some good fun on the weekend. That is why we are happy to offer you a Friday Deposit Match online casino promotion bonus. In this bonus, you will get a boost on your first deposit at our casino on Friday. All you need to do is to go ahead and pick any slot game, place your minimum wager and then enjoy the 25% deposit boost that we will grant you over your wager amount!

TGI Friday Deposit Match!

How Do I Use The Friday Deposit Match Bonus?

With this promotion bonus, you need to place a minimum deposit before you play the slot game, of $10. Then, all you need to do is to have a lot of fun playing any slot game of your choice at our casino. Once you are done, we will give you a deposit match of 25% of your deposit, with a value that can go as high as $50! That’s right, all you need to do is to play your favourite slot game and we will reward you for it!

When is The Friday Deposit Match Bonus Open?

This online casino promotion bonus will be available at our casino starting from May 6th and every Friday following that, right up until May 27th. Once you have made your deposit on any of the Fridays between these dates, you can expect to be able to win this Friday deposit match promotion bonus.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes! As with any online casino promotion bonus, this deposit boost comes with certain terms and conditions, which we will explain here:

  • To use this bonus, you need to be an eligible account holder and you have to be age 18 or older.
  • The promotion is only valid for the first deposit that you make on that particular Friday, and the other deposits that you make on the same day will not be considered for the boost.
  • You need to wager at least 30x of the bonus amount before you can withdraw the boost amount from your account.
  • The bonus that you win will be added to your online casino account within three days after the promotion has ended.
  • Your bonus will be only valid for 28 days after we have added it to your account and notified you, so be quick to spend your bonus at our casino!
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TGI Friday Deposit Match!
How about you getting a deposit match every week? Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you an online casino promotion bonus, TGI Friday Deposit Match. Read on