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The Fame of Jimi Hendrix in New Mobile Casino Slots

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Ask anyone who is a keen listener of rock music and they all know the name of Jimi Hendrix, even if he was someone who lived and died far before his time. Jimi Hendrix is, today, a legend. His work is the stuff of legend and the man died far too young, depriving the world of his genius. His name has not just inspired musicians and budding guitarists, but also several new mobile casino slots whose developers have created several slot games in his owner, just as the Jimi Hendrix slot by NetEnt.

Here, we will take a closer look at Jimi Hendrix’s life and how he achieved his fame.

Jimi Hendrix’s Rise to Fame to New Mobile Casino Slots

Jimi Hendrix was born in 1942 as John Allen Hendrix, in Seattle, Washington. He first began to play the guitar which he was to become famous for, when he was just aged 15. He had had a troubled childhood, with alcoholic parents who frequently squabbled due to their dire straits, and as a result, he found solace in his guitar playing. He taught himself how to play the guitar, having received no formal training in its use, by merely listening to the great artists of the time, especially BB King, Muddy Waters and such big names.

He played for a couple of bands in America where he did not exactly receive the recognition that he deserved, after a brief stint in the US Army. His first song ever was Testify, recorded along with the Isley Brothers, but did not receive much fame. His next song, Mercy Mercy, in which he played for Don Covay, became the No. 35 track on the Billboard top hits of August 1964. This began his steady rise to fame and in 1965 he had his first TV debut when he performed with Little Richard’s band for Shotgun.

It was in 1966 that Jimi Hendrix was recognised by the Rolling Stones’ guitarist, Keith Richards’ girlfriend, Linda Keith, who befriended him. After this, his talent was recommended to music labels by Keith himself and he arrived in London where he slowly gained popularity.


Jimi Hendrix died at the age of 27, as a result of intoxication and a possible drug overdose. He was with his girlfriend of the time when he passed away. After his death, his popularity surged even more and there were a lot of records of his that sold like hotcakes and many claimants to his fame.

Relive the Magic that Jimi Hendrix Created with Slot Games

The Fame That Jimi Hendrix Lived

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The Fame of Jimi Hendrix in New Mobile Casino Slots
Jimi Hendrix had his share of ups and downs in his life. But no one enjoyed fame that this legendary guitarist did. Read on & play new mobile casino slots