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Tips & Support on How to Stop Gambling

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Stop Online Gambling

Online gambling should always be fun and one shouldn’t let it become a menace. Using it as a distracter for everyday problems, making it a means of earning money either to support a living or for luxury expenditure is never going to help you in the long run. Casinos are a thriving business only because one cannot win against the casino in the long run. Whereas responsible gambling can be a lot of fun and a much-needed break from daily chores, at the same times, there can only be a few things worse than addictive online gambling.

Points for Healthy Online Gambling Experience

Tips & Support on How to Stop Gambling


  1. 1. Set aside money for gambling: Before logging onto an online casino or visiting a land-based casino, you should have a clear figure in mind as how much money would you like to spend on gambling. Even if you end up losing all that money, you should know that it was for only entertainment purposes like going out for a movie etc.


  1. 2. Go out to a land-based casino with limited resources: Do not go out for gambling with a lot of resources that can provide you ready cash like a bank card etc. It will prevent you from easily getting carried away to spend more amount than what you have already set aside.


  1. 3. Do not set a gambling limit more than you can afford: Gambling is just like any other expenditure. It is never wise to spend more than what you can afford. Online gambling can be a lot more fun when played with the limited amount of money that you can afford.


  1. 4. Gambling cannot be a substitute to make an earning: Do remember at all times that gambling is all about luck. You can be lucky on one day but there is no guarantee that it will happen at all times.


  1. 5. Set aside a time limit for yourself: Do not keep on playing endlessly. Casino games can be quite addictive but the onus is on you to not waste all your time playing them. Do not keep on wasting time chasing your losses or re-investing all your winnings.


  1. 6. Never chase your losses: As already mentioned, chasing losses always end up with leaving you with bigger losses rather and can make you broke overnight.


  1. 7. Do not gamble when upset: One shouldn’t gamble when in a bad mood or depressed. It is always advisable to gamble only when you are clear-headed and in complete charge of oneself.


  1. 8. Take regular breaks: To keep yourself clear headed, take frequent breaks. Go out for food or to catch some air.


  1. 9. Online gambling shouldn’t be your only pastime: Balance gambling with other activities such as going out for lunch/dinner with friends etc. Responsible gambling can easily convert into an addiction otherwise.


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Tips & Support on How to Stop Gambling
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