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Top 10 Casino Movies

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Every casino player needs to draw inspiration from somewhere, whether it’s a friend or family member who introduced them to the concept of gambling, or even a movie. Here, we take a look at the top ten casino movies that have inspired people around the world to take up that daring game of Blackjack or join a Poker tournament.

  • Owning Mahowny: This movie stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and is a movie that looks at the true story of a bank manager who misappropriated customer funds and diverted them into his own bankroll for his gambling. While this should by no means inspire you to similarly do wrong, what this film does relay is the pure love for gambling that the main character shows and even portrays it in a slightly darkly comical way.
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Based on the book of the same name written by gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson, this movie follows the travails of main character, as portrayed by Johnny Depp, as he goes on a drug infused journey into the underbelly of Las Vegas, through casino and games.
  • Ocean’s Eleven: The entire Ocean’s Eleven series is a tribute to the world of gambling and features a lot of fancy locales all the while following the journey of a bunch of criminals who are trying to rob casino at Las Vegas. The movie is funny and for once has sequels that are as popular as the original and of course are watchable because of the ever-charming Mr. Clooney.
  • 21: Based on a true story, 21 features Kevin Spacey as the math professor who trains a bunch of brilliant students and then arm twists them into doing his bidding, which is to use them to outwit the Vegas casinos and make millions off of games of blackjack.
  • Casino Royale: Now, how could we let this review go by without a good Bond movie in it? Featuring the super suave Daniel Craig, this movie focuses on a high stakes poker game that Agent 007 must get to so that he can stop the evil mob banker from winning it and making off with all the money.
  • Lucky You: While it may not have won any critic’s awards, Lucky You is still a heart-warming movie about a father and son pitting against each other in a poker tournament, as his father has always been a champion. Some great work from Eric Bana in this one.
  • Runner Runner: Here’s a movie for Justin Timberlake fans that talks about a student who gets entangled with an elite criminal gang who hire him to play for them.
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: A hilarious movie by Guy Ritchie about a motley crew of poker players who are up against a mobster if they can’t cough up the jackpot amount.
  • Rounders: A Matt Damon movie in which he is up against a bunch of terrifying Russian criminals as he plays to win.
  • Hard Eight: Another gem from Philip Seymour Hoffman and the amazing Samuel L Jackson as a pair of gamblers past their prime.
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Top 10 Casino Movies
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