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Top 5 Winning Roulette Systems Online

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There are a number of Roulette systems online which can help you to manage your bankroll and increase your odds of winning. Before we explain these strategies/systems in detail, we should know that in Roulette the house has a mathematical edge and you cannot win against the house in the long run. Hence, these Roulette systems help you to increase your chances to win only over the short term.

The Best 5 Roulette Systems Online:

Best 5 Winning Online Roulette Systems

1) Martingale System: This is one of the most aggressive and risky Roulette systems designed for even bets such as red/black, high/low, and odd/even. Here, a bet is doubled every time. For e.g.: You placed a bet of $5 and you lost. Now, you place a bet of $10. You keep on doubling your bet until you win. If you placed a bet for $40 and won, you would win $80 and hence all your previous losses will be recovered plus one unit. But, like any other Roulette systems online, this system, despite its popularity, is not a fool-proof system. This is so because there are table limits in place and you might keep on losing until you hit those limits. Also, you might run out of your money before you hit a win.

2) Labouchere Strategy: This strategy is known by various names such as split Martingale, American Progression, Motante American, American cancellation and Cancellation system. This might be the second best Roulette system apart from Martingale. Again designed for even bets, the main idea behind this system is to recover many losses with a smaller number of wins. Unlike the Martingale system, where all the losses are recouped in a single win, this system is more balanced and all the losses are recovered in a number equal to half the number of losses.

3) The Hollandish: The main idea behind this lesser known strategy is that the bet is changed after every 3 spins instead of every spin. Hence, this one of the Roulette systems online is less aggressive than the Martingale or the Labouchere system where the bet amount is changed after every spin. This system, therefore, adopts a wait and watch approach and wait for three spins before increasing the bet.

4) Paroli Progression: This is one of the Roulette systems online which is the simplest to understand. It is best described by the principle of up as you win. Here, if you win, you reinvest the initial amount plus the winning amount and if you lose, you start from 1 unit. Hence, you might encounter a lot of losing sequences where you lose 1 unit each and also get a great winning sequence with a large payout.

5) D’Alembert: Named on one of the famous mathematician, it is one of the easier Roulette systems online to play with as it doesn’t involve any calculations. For every loss, you increase the bet amount by 1 unit and for every win, you decrease the bet amount by 1 unit. The idea here is when the number of losses increases, the expectation of a win increases, hence, you bet more. Also, at the same time, you get a more payout for the wins than you lose in the losses.

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Top 5 Winning Roulette Systems Online
Several systems are used to win at online Roulette. Jackpot Mobile Casino has listed top 5 Roulette systems online which you can use to win big. Read on.