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Ukash, Skrill or PayPal – A Quick Comparison of Payments Methods for Online Casinos!

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As a Canadian casino player, you have several payment options available for you at online casinos. These payments options are varied and you can use any method you are most comfortable with in order to make a deposit for an online casino game. Some of the most preferred payment options are Ukash, Skrill or PayPal. In this article, here are the features of Ukash, Skrill or PayPal explained so that you can decide which one you would like to use for your online gambling.


Ukash is a type of online payment method where you can prepay money into an online Ukash account, and then use a 19 digit code whenever you wish to use a certain amount to make an online payment. The great part about using Ukash is that you no longer have to fear parting with your debit card or credit card details online, as all you will actually be providing is a 19 digit code that can be used to make cash payment. This is great news for anyone who is wary of how their data may be misused online. Also, it’s available for Canadian players, and is an instant method of transferring money to your online gambling account.


Skrill is an online wallet that lets you store your banking details or credit card details safely online in your Skrill account and then use your Skrill account to make your payment at an online casino. The great advantage of this payment method is that it does not involve you having to use your credit or debit card details on the online casino site, but allows you to just top up your account from your online Skrill wallet. This makes it secure and very easy to use. As of 2014, Skrill has withdrawn itself as an online payment option for Canadian players, so if you would like to use an online wallet, you can look for and find one that is accepted at a Canadian online casino.


PayPal is one of the simplest and most secure ways in which you can conduct transactions online involving real money. The great part about a PayPal account is everything revolves around your email address, which is associated with your online PayPal account. You just need to provide this email address and easily transfer money to your online gambling account.

You can transfer money to your PayPal account from your bank or credit card and there will be a timeline after which the money will reflect on your account. Even though PayPal is not available to most Canadian casino players, you can still use PayPal alternatives in order to transact at your favourite casino online.

Whether you choose to use Ukash, Skrill or PayPal online payment methods, always make sure that the casino you are playing at is safe and secure by reading their terms and conditions. You can choose between Ukash, Skrill or PayPal to make an online payment as long as the casino provides these options to you for your location.

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Ukash, Skrill or PayPal - A Quick Comparison of Payments Methods for Online Casinos!
Many payment methods are available for online casinos. Here is the quick comparison which will help you to choose Ukash, Skrill or PayPal. Read on