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Why is Boku the Best Payment Method?

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With the growing influence of smartphones in our lives, it only makes sense that our payment methods also become mobile. That’s where a payment option like Boku comes in. This is a method of payment in which you have your expenses charged to your phone bill. Let us take a look at this online casino mobile payment method in greater detail to find out why it is the best payment method.

Boku the Best Payment Method

About Boku

It is a method of payment in which you can have your casino bills charged to your mobile phone bill or plan, so that any expenses incurred will appear in your monthly phone bill or will be taken out of your available credit if you are on a prepaid plan.

How Does It Work?

Boku makes use of a technology called Direct Carrier Billing, which is evolved from premium SMS that used to be used to allow donations to be made through a text message. Through this technology, the phone company directly charges your credit card whenever a payment is to be made. Therefore, it acts as an intermediary that makes the payment to the casino on your behalf and then takes the money from you for it later. It does not charge anything to your bank either, so it is great if you are insecure about sharing your banking information. All you need is your phone number to complete a transaction!

How Can You Use This Mobile Casino Payment Option?

Boku is available for use in many casinos, but not all of them. It is actually used in over 68 countries around the world and is used by several companies besides casinos as well. To use it, you will need to check if your telephone service provider supports the service and then use it to charge your casino payments to your bill plan. Here are the steps involved to choose it as the payment provider during a transaction at a casino:

  • Go to the Deposit option at the online casino
  • Choose Pay by Mobile from the list of available options
  • In the next screen, confirm your phone number and the value that you wish to pay
  • Use your phone to authenticate the transaction
  • You can then start gambling as the payment will instantly appear in your casino account for you to use
  • Once your transaction has been completed, you will receive a receipt from Boku showing that the amount has successfully been credited to your account. In case of a failure of the transaction also, you will receive a notification.

How Safe Is It?

You will inevitably have some concerns about using this method of payment for the first time, so we are here to dispel them! The reason why this is the number one preferred method of payment is that it is completely safe as you never have to disclose your bank account information details at any point of time, preventing any danger of misuse by a third party. This what makes Boku the best way to make your online casino deposit!

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Why is Boku the Best Payment Method?
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